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About Joseph Z. Sokol

Desktop View Hi! I am Joseph Sokol. My work expertise is focused on the application of artificial intelligence in cardiology, scientific, technical and commercial. But, more than that, I’m a serial web entrepreneur, tech visionary, published scientist, writer, classical pianist and ex-professional bike racer. I am the founder of iCardio.ai and OlehPay.

I have taken an atypical path in life having dropped out of University to pursue entrepreneurship. I’ve lived in Spain and Israel, there I taught myself two languages (Spanish, Hebrew). Since my teens, I’ve passionately pursued classical piano, delving into Chopin, Debussy and other Romantics, and, I competed in category 1/2 pro cycling races in California, despite being a Type 1 diabetic. I hold a unique and optimistic perspective on life.


iCardio.ai, Los Angeles, California

In October of 2019, I founded iCardio.ai, along with Dr. Joshua Penn and Dr. Roman Sandler. iCardio.ai is a Los Angeles-based deep learning startup for heart ultrasound analysis. iCardio.ai’s core AI product, the iCardio.ai Brain v1, was trained on its internal dataset of over +200 million images, making it one of the largest-scale radiological AI products in the world. iCardio.ai has worked with some of the largest Ultrasound vendors including GE Healthcare, Butterfly Network, UltraLinQ, and Viz.ai, to deliver its technology to clinicians around the globe. In February of 2024, iCardio.ai’s Aortic Stenosis detection tool was awarded Breakthrough Device Designation by the FDA.

OlehPay, Jerusalem, Israel

Before then, I founded OlehPay, in Jerusalem, Israel. OlehPay is a privately held, multinational Financial Technology company operating an online remittance platform, and serves as a digital alternative for traditional money transfer and currency exchange. The OlehPay platform primarily serves the American expat community within Israel with a large focus on the automation of remitting pension payments, social security deposits, American-based salaries, and Israeli-based mortgage payments. OlehPay also provides services for funding down payments for property purchases in Israel.

BSD Enteprises, Los Angeles, California

I am advisor to David Gershov of BSD Enterprises, a private investment boutique out of Los Angeles, California.

Sokol Enterprises, Los Angeles, California

I work alongside my brother, Daniel Sokol, on many of our software development projects in our holdings company called Sokol Enterprises.

Further History

I have built several other companies, including Airplant Gardens, which was a subcsription ecommerce service selling airplants called Tillandsia. We grew this company over 11 months before selling to a PE firm.

I’ve angel invested in DateNight.ai created by Ian Mark, a unqiue dating app, which spun out of CoronaCrush, a dating facebook group with over 20,000 members.

I have had many failed projects, too, including OlehStay, BeverlyCoffee, 21Suits, and many others.